Urban and industrial wastewater treatment plant for drinking water, has been designed and produced with the efforts and perseverance of expert engineers of Niroo Gostar Romina complex and is now ready for sale. The design of this great scientific achievement took a year, and its construction and troubleshooting took place after six months of continuous work and effort. This device, as its name suggests, can convert polluted effluents that come out of various factories into drinking water.

Capabilities of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant to drinking water

  • Construction in different dimensions (according to customer needs)
  • Without causing pollution in the nature cycle
  • Smart and without the need for an operator
  • Automatic detection of contaminants and their eliminationPersian menu
  • Water treatment capacity of 5000 liters of effluent per hour, up
  • Need for minimum energy consumption (energy reduction)
  • Advantages of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plant to drinking water
  • Not all parts are localized and imported.
  • Affordable price compared to foreign samples
  • Transfer to all over the country and abroad
  • Minimize waste (remains of burnt contaminants and turns to ashes)
  • High quality devices and equipment
  • No need for special consumables
  • Suitable for factories that introduce many industrial effluents into the nature cycle.