Nirogaster Romina is a company consisting of experts and specialists in various scientific fields, each of whom has a long history in the field of research, research and industry. Numerous patents in different departments are a sign of the objective capability of the various research groups of this company.

In this regard, the inventors of the company, about 15 years ago, put research and study on the construction of the world’s first “fuel-free generator” on their agenda, and after consulting and agreeing with the world’s leading scientists who have been realizing this dream for years. They made a lot of efforts and researches and succeeded in registering the construction of this device in their name in the world. On the other hand, with the construction of this device, a new horizon has been drawn in physics! An invention that will undoubtedly transform the energy-dependent industrial world today.

The founders of this company hope that with the cooperation of all those interested in the development of science and knowledge in realizing the dream of free energy without all kinds of environmental pollution, as well as with the cooperation of all officials of Iran, who have always supported the inventors and craftsmen. And guide all the scholars of the world to cause economic jihad not only in Iran but in the whole universe and through Iran and Iranians, because we believe: Iranians connect want to ability and it is enough to believe: “Iranians, Can” .

Regarding the basis of operation of fuel-free generators, suffice it to say that these generators have a very powerful motor that rotates and generates energy using a magnetic force through a complex and special mechanism.

The company’s non-fuel generators can be used in all homes, cold stores, shops, mines, offices, factories and all places where their systems work with electricity in any way.