What is pyrolysis technology?

The pyrolysis method for recycling worn tires is a technique in which whole or crushed tires are heated in an oxygen-free reactor with a heat source. In rubber and plastic reactors, they soften and then rubber polymers are continuously broken down into smaller molecules. These smaller molecules eventually evaporate and leave the reactor. The generated vapors can be burned directly to generate power or converted to a type of condensed petroleum liquid that is commonly used as fuel. Some molecules that are too small for condensation remain as gas and can be burned as fuel. Minerals, which make up about 40% of the tire weight, are separated as solids and, when the pyrolysis process is done well, have almost no contamination or waste.

Discontinuous pyrolysis plant

Using this type of machine, workers have to fill the raw materials, which include worn tires, plastics, etc., in batches and perform the process. After cooling the equipment and removing the carbon and metal wire, the next process occurs again. The batch pyrolysis plant is suitable for low capacity customers. It takes an hour and a half to feed and load, and eight to nine hours to process. So it’s cheap enough for people who have not budgeted much for this project.

Advantages of using a discontinuous pyrolysis plant

  • Easy to work for workers.
  • Low investment but high profit.
  • Good quality end products including carbon black and petroleum fuel.
  • Different types of materials such as plastic, worn and scrap rubber can be pyrolyzed.
  • With advanced machines and systems, our discontinuous pyrolysis process factories can promise you a good production process.
  • Quality end products (metal wire, carbon black and petroleum fuel) offer great benefits for you and can pay you back in a short time.

Worn tire pyrolysis plant

Worn tire pyrolysis plant is a company with green technology to solve the problem of worn tires and other environmental pollutants. Since these problems are serious land problems today, this industry is very significant and environmental. The worn tire pyrolysis plant includes a discontinuous pyrolysis system. The discontinuous rubber pyrolysis plant operates as a discontinuous system in such a way that it cannot simultaneously feed the raw materials and discharge the product.

Main raw materials

Worn tire including various mechanical tires, plastic, rubber waste and …

Main equipment

Pyrolysis reactor, sealing system, power system, separator, condensers, fuel tanks, water cooling system, exhaust recovery system, dust collection system and …

The final products of the pyrolysis plant are worn tires

۱- ۷۰% tire fuel

  • Use as fuel
  • Sales in the market
  • Further refining and converting to diesel, gasoline and…

۲- ۱۵% carbon black

  • Sales in the market
  • Production of fine carbon by black carbon refining machine
  • Manufacture of carbon pellets (for fuel) by pellet making machine

۳- ۱۰% steel

  • Sell in the market directly

۴- ۵% gas

  • Can be recovered to heat the reactor

Eco-friendly rubber pyrolysis plant

As a leading factor in environmental protection, each of our products has complete equipment for industrial waste treatment. For waste gases: There may be a small amount of gas during the waste generation process, which is discharged by the receiver system equipped with water and magnetic rings to reduce dust and sulfide before being emptied. For wastewater: The water in the hydrosil system and the dust collection system produced in the pyrolysis process are used to perform water recycling and are finally discharged after treatment.